THIS is Transgender

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Transgender Law and Policy Institute estimates the Transgender population at 2 – 5% of the US population. National Center for Transgender Equality reports that only 0.25 – 1.0 % of the US population are Transsexual, persons suffering from a complete psychosexual inversion who desire to transition to…

Dana Rivers aka David Warfield

Dana Rivers is a man who identifies as a woman. He murdered a Lesbian couple and their son, allegedly over a “domestic dispute.” Rivers is not known to have lived with the murdered family so the “domestic dispute” motive seems unlikely. Breaking News from GenderTrender Daily Mail article

5000th Post

This blog has been active for just under 3 years and two months. I’ve done some math and it works out that we blog around 130 bad guys every month. That’s 4.3 every day and it’s not even a drop in the ocean. To produce content for this blog, the contributors have Google Alerts sent […]

Mashawn Sonds

Mashawn Sonds was convicted Friday of first-degree assault as a hate crime for striking a 29-year-old transgender woman in the head with a two by four piece of plexiglass in 2014 and causing severe and likely permanent injuries, according to the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office. News Report