Dean Williams


A man waiting for a sex change operation has gone on trial accused of raping and sexually assaulting a woman. Nadine Natasha Williams, 38, formerly known as Dean Williams, of Pontrhydyfen, Port Talbot, denies raping the woman in Neath on October 5, 2011.

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  • DONT READ IT ON HERE CONTACT ME AND SEE FOR YOURSELF DONT LISTEN TO RUMOURS STORIES OR BULLSHIT TALK TO ME AND EXPIERENCE IT CAUSE WE CHANGE RAPIDLY WHEN NEED TO SIT DOWN CHAT OR PHONE OR ASK DONT ASSUME AND NEVER TAKE SOMEONE ELSES WORD ONLY YOUR OWN IM NOT A BOOK OR A PICTURE IM A PERSON IN MY OWN RIGHT CURIOSITY KILLED THE CAT BUT SATISFACTION BROUGHT IT BAck. im a transexual female who has been living as such for a year now before my life had started to change i was a scared confused individual or rather transvidual i have come up against a lot of obsticals on my way to becoming the person i should have been allowed to be years ago but like most of us we think that its because we have not got what everyone else has thats whats wrong so we go along with things and think that we will change and being scared and frightened of the outcome of being who you really are ive gone through most of the stages like taking drugs etc to block out who and what i really am nothing worked and just became detrimental to my mental health along with my family having to go through the torment of watching me try to destroy myself slowly and just feel helpless to be able to help i never thought i would make it this far in life but having a young son and a mother that has stood by me through everything has helped me to come through most things id like to be able to add the words friends to the list but as it seems that most friends have shown theyre true colours and have turned they backs and disappeared then i cant . the ones that matter are still here and i have made a lot of new friends along my way and intend to make more people who i feel comfortable with and feel comfortable around me ive never had such loving people around me as i do now no anger no hostile emotion just welcoming arms i still have to go through a long journey and hope i can go through it with as little torment as me and my family can .but a little about me and my personality and looks well im pretty tall woman about 5 11 and taller in heels my hair changes for time to time but my natural colour is blonde my favourite colour is bright red. im also not a small woman on the weight front either my weight goes up and down but my ideal weight is about 12 stone and ill get there in the end i try to look my best especially out on a date with a guy its isnt to much to ask for a woman to look nice for a guy . my personality is im quiet shy and reserved until im in comfortable company and i will open up then im quiet bubbly and talk a lot and will answer most questions as long as they not to personal and there are some things nobody should as k age etc lol. im quite loud after a drink so try not to drink much any more and want to get it down to nothing as im me now and dont really need anything to make me happy just good company and good friends wich are all coming slowly there is not much else i can really say other than i love good conversation and good sense of humour most of the rest of my personality you would find out by having a chat with me im a big part of the transgender community and usually can be found on other sites making friends so if you ever want a chat or advice about trans issues just nudge me on here or some of the other sites etc .
  • Lives in Neath, Neath Port Talbot
  • Born on October 23
  • Female

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5 thoughts on “Dean Williams

  1. Mike

    They’re beyond disturbed. They need to stop fantasizing about being women and seek the mental help they so obviously need.

  2. Birdo

    Just because one person MAY have done something screwed up, that doesn’t mean you should assume everyone resembling them is “bad” or “defective” in some way.

    For example: Just because a black guy steals my car, that doesn’t mean I’m gonna start going to a Klan Rally because all black people are “Car thieves”.

    That would be kind of meessed up, no?

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