Travis Hawkins, Jr.

In Mobile, Alabama, 18-year-old Travis Hawkins, Jr. allegedly targeted Mallory Owens and beat her so severely, she will require plastic surgery.

The incident occurred as Thanksgiving Day turned violent at Hawkins’ home. Police found Owens, 23, had been punched repeatedly in the face. Owens, 23, has a fractured jaw, swollen eyes and a crushed cheek.

Mobile Police said Travis Hawkins, Jr. was arrested at Club 5’4 on Sunday. He was booked into Mobile Metro jail and has been released on bond.

Her family has established a petition to upgrade the charge he faces to attempted murder.

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3 thoughts on “Travis Hawkins, Jr.

  1. PJ

    What???? I just saw another page, in which, back with her gf, and says the whole story will be told in court!!!! She says it was not a hate crime & she is fine!!! What a strange world we populate. Hate me or not, whip my butt like that & I am outta here!!! JMPO

  2. Anonymous

    He needs to go to jail for a long time so he can feel what’s it’s like to beat by someone stronger than you

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