THIS is Transgender

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Transgender Law and Policy Institute estimates the Transgender population at 2 – 5% of the US population. National Center for Transgender Equality reports that only 0.25 – 1.0 % of the US population are Transsexual, persons suffering from a complete psychosexual inversion who desire to transition to…

Kevin/Leyla Fletcher

A transgender woman attacked a paramedic with a shampoo bottle in an unprovoked mid-afternoon assault. Kevin Fletcher, 36, now known as Leyla, struck the worker on the head before kicking him after being found stricken. Transgender thug attacked paramedic with shampoo bottle in unprovoked assault – Manchester Evening News.

Jamie Cid

Jamie/James Cid, a transgender prostitute who pummeled a 78-year-old retiree during a scuffle in the man’s bedroom, was found guilty of voluntary manslaughter. Cid lost his habeas corpus petition. Retired Oil Company Operator Dies After March Beating – Los Angeles Times. Transgender Prostitute Killed Man, Jurors Told – Los Angeles Times. Jamie Cid. CM_ECF – California […]

Terry Lynn Brady

Police in Fort Myers have arrested Terry Lynn Brady, 45, in connection with the murder of Yaz’min Shances, a transgender woman whose body was found dumped behind a garbage bin last month. Arrest made in murder, burning of Fla.

Reginald Anthony Klaiber

Reginald Anthony Klaiber, 24, allegedly stabbed a 15-year-old transgender person on the D.C. Metro. Under D.C. law, police said, he could face a sentence up to one and a half times longer if he is convicted of a hate crime. Police_ Transgender teen stabbed in hate crime while riding Metro Green Line in Northeast D.C. _ […]

Quamar Edwards

A man wanted in connection with the shooting death of a transgender woman last week turned himself in to police. WLWT News 5’s Jackie Congedo said Quamar Edwards was accompanied by family members when he arrived at District One headquarters on Wednesday morning. Family members told Congedo that Quamar wanted to “do the right thing” […]

David Rodriguez Jr.

David Rodriguez Jr., 37, and Christina Marie Harper, 39, both of Pleasant Hill, and Ambre Tubbs Lomas, 39, of Shreveport, have been arrested for allegedly keeping a transgender woman as a slave in the Ajax area of Natchitoches Parish. According to investigators, the victim was held captive, tortured and forced to perform menial tasks and sexual […]