Duane Thomas Amos Jr.

AmosDuane Thomas Amos Jr, of Wisconsin, is accused of murdering his girlfriend’s two year old son. Amos took the boy to hospital, claiming he’d fallen out of bed the night before and fallen at a playground a week earlier. The child died of his injuries which included a collapsed lung, multiple rib fractures, and swelling and bleeding of the brain.

Butternut man charged with murder of two-year-old says child ‘fell out of bed’ _ Daily Mail Online

Jonathan King

Jonathan-King-007Jonathan King, founder of UK Records, is a convicted child rapist.

Incidentally, King produced the Bay City Rollers first single. The band’s manager, Tam Paton, is also an alleged child rapist who was accused of molesting the Rollers’ former guitarist.

BBC News _ UK _ Pop mogul jailed for sex abuse


Aurimas Medvedevas

MedvedevasAurimas Medvedevas, 23, from Lithuania, murdered his nine week old daughter by repeatedly punching, biting, and shaking her. Coroners found that baby Aukse has injuries consistent with being violently shaken and thrown against a hard surface. He then left the infant to die in her cot to be discovered by her mother, who had just started her first day back at work.

‘Callous and brutal’ father who murdered his baby by repeatedly biting, punching and shaking her is jailed for life _ Daily Mail Online