John Salvi

108690560_136625792764On December 30, 1994, John Salvi walked into a Planned Parenthood clinic in Brookline, Massachusetts. He shot and killed receptionist Shannon Lowney. In the second attack security guard Richard Seron returned fire. Salvi then dropped a bag containing a second gun and 700 rounds of ammunition and fled. Police were able to identify him from a gun shop receipt in the abandoned bag.

John Salvi was captured in Norfolk, Virginia, after another Planned Parenthood shooting. On March 19, 1996, he was found guilty of murdering receptionists Lee Ann Nichols and Shannon Lowney. After an unsuccessful defense strategy related to Salvi’s mental state, he was convicted in both killings.

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Paul Jennings Hill

Paul_Jennings_HillPaul Jennings Hill was a Christian terrorist who murdered Dr John Britton and his bodyguard, James Barrett. Dr Britton was an abortion provider. In a statement made from prison, Hill claimed he had no remorse for his actions and believed that he would be rewarded for them in heaven. He was executed in 2003.

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