James B. Johnson


Former Kentucky prison guard who was charged with sexually abusing women inmates was sentenced to probation without any jail time. In 2011, the Kentucky State Police arrested Officer Sergeant James B. Johnson, and charged him with 25 counts of sexual abuse, trafficking controlled substances, and 50 counts of official misconduct. The 54-year-old former prison guard accepted a plea deal that required him to attend a diversion program. He also was sentenced to seven years of probation.

Former Kentucky prison guard avoids jail for 25 counts of sexually abusing women inmates

Seamus P. McCaffery


The Pennsylvania Supreme Court suspended Justice Seamus P. McCaffery amid allegations that he sent pornographic e-mails and threatened to entangle a fellow justice in the widening scandal after vowing not to go “down alone.”

In a sharply worded order, four of the seven justices, citing an “immediate need” to protect the integrity of the state’s courts, suspended McCaffery with pay on “an interim basis” from his $200,205-a-year job.

The court also ordered the state’s Judicial Conduct Board to determine within 30 days if there is probable cause to file formal misconduct charges against the justice. The board handles judicial ethics complaints and has launched an investigation into McCaffery’s e-mails.

“In my two decades of experience on this court, no other justice . . . has done as much to bring the Supreme Court into disrepute,” Chief Justice Ronald D. Castille wrote in a statement released with the order. “No other justice has failed to live up to the high ethical demands required of a justice of this court or has been the constant focus of ethical lapses to the degree of Justice McCaffery.”

McCaffery, 64, a former Marine and Philadelphia police officer, has apologized for sending sexually explicit e-mails, saying crude language and jokes were part of the vernacular of military and law enforcement. But he has described the messages as personal and private e-mails among friends, while condemning Castille, a longtime rival, for what he called a “vindictive pattern of attacks” against him, including the push for his suspension.


Supreme Court suspends McCaffery over porn e-mails – Philly.

Neil Redrup @NeilRedrup


A councillor admitted setting up a secret camera to film women using his bathroom, police said. Neil Redrup, an independent member of Gosport Borough Council, pleaded guilty at Southampton Crown Court to four charges of voyeurism. The 45-year-old also pleaded guilty to a charge of gross indecency relating to opening a pornographic email in front of a child.

Councillor hid camera in his bathroom (From Daily Echo).

BBC NEWS _ UK _ England _ Hampshire _ Judge jails ‘spying’ councillor.

Labour Party Paedophile Pervert & ‘Peeping Tom.

Sick troll Ciaran Goggins impersonates dead HM Government civil servant


Ciaran Goggins @goggins8

Originally posted on The Daily Agenda:


HM Government whistleblower John Francis Smith

“The sickest troll on Twitter” Ciaran Goggins has now resorted to impersonating my dead uncle on Twitter and Facebook and has opened accounts in the name ‘John Francis Smith’.

Perverted troll Goggins is renowned for his warped cyber-stalking and anyone receiving friend requests from him on social media should report and block him immediately.

Goggins impersonating John Francis Smith approached two of my friends on Facebook today who blocked him and reported his harassment to me.

Goggins developed his obsession with me in August last year when he began a smear campaign against me because I had exposed Special Branch collusion with neo-Nazis.

He was joined in short order by fake anti-corruption ‘campaigners’ Ian Puddick and Michael Doherty and their harassment is well documented on this blog.

But little baby Ian Puddick couldn’t cope with being outed and defeated. After I gave him a dose of his own medicine…

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