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This man is a violent man. #nametheproblem #maleviolence

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It was her smile that enchanted me, which may sound clichéd, but it is the truth. Her smile stimulated the deepest feelings of wonderment inside my being. Some people offer fake smiles, but a smile should never be forced. There is something incredible, infinite and indefinably good about a genuine smile. She was pretty, too. We did a quiz together, and I kissed her cheek when I left.

I invited her onto the BBC University Challenge team that I was putting together. “I don’t know if I’m brainy enough Rich,” she said.

“We need beauty as well as brains,” I replied.

She agreed to be on our team. “Don’t worry honey, I’ll get these forms filled out for you,” she said when I provided her with the paperwork, as though it was a privilege to have her on our team, which it was. She let me choose a picture of her…

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Earl Theriot


Sorrento, Louisiana police chief Earl Theriot pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting an unconscious woman and then lying about it to the FBI.

Sadly, the court seemed more concerned about his lying to the FBI, than the actual assault that took place.

Theriot managed to escape jail time, while taking just a $2,500 fine and 2 years probation.  This sentence is more lenient than a small marijuana possession charge in most states.

Theriot believes that the “embarrassment” that him and his family have faced as a result of the scandal, and the loss of his job, is fair punishment for the crimes that he committed.

“It’s a matter that cost me my law enforcement career and brought embarrassment to my family and town of Sorrento,” Theriot said in court after the sentencing, according to WAFB9.

In court, Theriot apologized to his family and to the city, but did not apologize to the victim.

While on duty last November, Theriot received a call about an unresponsive woman who was passed out at a gas station.  Theriot responded to the call, placed the woman in the passenger seat of his patrol car and took her to his office.

On the way to his office, Theriot stopped at a liquor store and picked up a bottle of vodka, which he intended to share with the woman.  While in his car, he admitted to groping the woman and violating her while she was unconscious.

When they arrived at the police station, Theriot carried the woman into his office and tied her to a chair with a belt.  He then admits to removing he clothes and forcing her to perform sexual acts while she was barely conscious.  Theriot then left the woman tied to the chair in his office while he attended a meeting in another part of the building.

Police Chief Admits to Sexually Assaulting Unconscious Woman on 911 Call, Won’t See 1 Day in Jail _ The Free Thought Project.

Ex-Sorrento Police Chief Earl Theriot sentenced to 24 months pro – WAFB 9 News Baton Rouge, Louisiana News, Weather, Sports.