Jacob Muriithi

1412025269000-muriithi929Just one day after a man beheaded a woman in nearby Moore, Oklahoma, police in Oklahoma City arrested a man for allegedly threatening to behead his female co-worker and  post the images on Facebook.

Man threatens second woman with decapitation in Oklahoma

Rames Rattana

Police accuse Rames Rattana, 37, of stabbing his wife and 12-year-old daughter to death in a yaba-fueled frenzy on Saturday while they were driving to Bangkok from their home in Chumphon province.

After an argument with his wife Orawan Rattana, 37, police said Rames attempted to stab her with a knife but instead stabbed his 12-year-old daughter as she attempted to shield her mother’s body. As Orawan got out of the car to escape, Rames chased after her and stabbed her to death.

Turning back to his injured 12-year-old girl, Rames reportedly told police he decided to kill her too because he did not know how to rescue or seek treatment for her.

After that, Rames put burned both bodies in the vehicle before fleeing.

Man stabs wife and daughter to death, leaves them burning

Martin MacNeill

utrb1021-e1412022881442Martin MacNeill, a doctor, murdered his wife by administering an overdose of drugs while she recovered from surgery and drowning her in the bath. He left her body there for their five year old daughter to find. He was also convicted of forcible sex abuse.

Doctor convicted of killing wife is appealing sentence of up to life in prison _ fox13now

Duane Thomas Amos Jr.

AmosDuane Thomas Amos Jr, of Wisconsin, is accused of murdering his girlfriend’s two year old son. Amos took the boy to hospital, claiming he’d fallen out of bed the night before and fallen at a playground a week earlier. The child died of his injuries which included a collapsed lung, multiple rib fractures, and swelling and bleeding of the brain.

Butternut man charged with murder of two-year-old says child ‘fell out of bed’ _ Daily Mail Online