Henry Richard Gleaves

Henry Richard Gleaves

Henry Richard Gleaves is accused of killing a gay man. News outlets initially reported the victim to be a transgender woman.

20-year-old wanted for murder at Fern Valley Hotel

Louisville Murder Highlights 2015’s Already Alarming Anti-LGBT Violence _ Advocate

Killer sought after man found shot in Fern Valley hotel parking – wave3

UPDATE_ Another Black Trans Woman Murdered, Totaling Three Deaths in 2015 _ ELIXHER

Ruben Garcia

b99434083z.1_20150127225745_000_gv39n5eg.1-1Ruben Garcia is accused of stabbing his ex girlfriend and her new boyfriend. Both survived. He also slit the throat of his baby daughter, killing her, and stabbed to death a family friend who’d come by the house to help.

Man kissed daughter, apologized — then killed her, complaint says